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Kansas City Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Falls are a significant cause of death and injury in the United States. Thousands of people each year are injured, many seriously, from slipping and falling on a floor, stairs, or other surface that has become slick or dangerous. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one million Americans suffer a slip and fall injury, and 17,000 die from slip and falls every year.

Slip and fall accidents can occur when business owners or property managers fail to maintain safe conditions on their premises. Sometimes, all it takes is a small spill, an unseen object in your walking path, or a broken step, and you could fall and suffer severe injuries. If you’ve been injured due to a slip and fall accident caused by the negligence of others, contact Kansas City slip and fall accident lawyer Janelle Bailey for a free consultation.

Slip and fall injuries can lead to serious damage, including:

  • spinal cord injuries
  • internal organ injuries
  • herniated discs
  • brain injuries
  • broken bones
  • sprains
  • lacerations
  • scarring and disfigurement


Improperly maintained or defective property can cause several kinds of fall accidents. There is the “slip and fall” where an injured person’s shoe and the floor fail to interface properly resulting in a fall. Then there is the “trip and fall” accident, where a person specifically trips on an object or defect on property. Finally, there is the “step and fall” where a person steps into something, such as a hole in the ground, and is injured. The nature of such claims can vary based not only on the kind of injury that you have sustained, but whether the injury takes place on private, public, or commercial property. Furthermore, your classification also plays a role. In Missouri you can be classified in three main ways, an invitee, licensee, or trespasser.


A business patron is typically classified as an invitee. For example, if you go to Target to buy a pair of shoes and you are hurt on their premises, you are classified as a business invitee. To recover in Missouri, you must prove that:

  • a dangerous condition existed on the premises;
  • the possessor or owner of the premises knew, or, through the use of ordinary care, should have known of the condition;
  • the possessor or owner failed to use ordinary care, to remove, remedy, or warn of the danger;
  • as a result you were injured.


A social guest is typically classified as a licensee. For example, if you are invited to a friend’s house for a social gathering you are referred to as a licensee. To recover in Missouri for any injuries you sustain as a licensee you must prove that:

  • a dangerous condition existed on the premises;
  • the possessor or owner of the premises had actual knowledge of the dangerous condition;
  • you lacked knowledge of the condition and could not have discovered it in the exercise of ordinary care;
  • the possessor or owner knew or in the exercise of ordinary care, should have known that you were unaware of the condition and could not discover it; and
  • the possessor or owner failed to use ordinary care to remove, remedy, or warn of the condition.


If you are injured on property and you have not been invited on the property, you can be classified as a trespasser. The general rule in Missouri is that the owner of the property on which you are injured is not liable for harm caused by the owner’s failure to put his property in a reasonably safe condition. However, if you can prove that:

  • a dangerous condition existed on the premises;
  • the owner of the premises had actual knowledge of the condition; and
  • the owner had actual knowledge of the presence of the trespasser, or of the applicability of some other exception to the general rule, you may be entitled to damages under Missouri law.

Children who are injured on another’s property can also recover under the “attractive nuisance doctrine.” This exception requires that the injured child prove that the owner or possessor of the property, knew or had reason to know that children were likely to trespass on his property.

You will need to document the monetary losses, such as medical bills and lost earnings, and prescriptions, and other related expenses, such as the cost of household help, transportation to doctor appointments, and other out-of-pocket costs. In addition, you should be able to show evidence of your non-economic damages. These are harder to place a dollar amount on, for example pain and suffering, disability, loss or enjoyment of life, disfigurement, and so forth.

Experienced Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Kansas city

When you’ve suffered a serious injury in a fall, don’t be surprised if the insurance company for the property owner denies your claim. Many insurance companies deny nearly all slip-and-fall accident claims, attempting to blame the victim for causing their own injuries. It is essential that you retain a Kansas City personal injury attorney with experience in slip-and-fall claims to represent you when doing battle with the property owner’s insurance company. Without a knowledgeable and skilled legal professional on your side, you’ll be at a significant disadvantage when trying to deal with an insurance adjuster.

When you hire the Kansas City slip and fall accident attorney Janelle Bailey to advocate on your behalf following a slip-and-fall injury, you will not deal with paralegals, secretaries, and other staff members, instead you will deal directly with an attorney. Kansas City personal injury attorney Janelle Bailey will immediately begin to take steps to protect your legal rights and will keep you informed and involved, every step of the way.

Pay Nothing Unless You Win

Sometimes prospective clients are concerned about the cost of hiring an experienced personal injury attorney, but at The Law Office of Janelle Bailey, Injury Attorney, that’s never a problem. We’ll take your valid slip-and-fall case on a contingency retainer. We’ll front all the work and expenses, and you’ll only pay us if and when we win money for you.

Call Janelle Bailey, Injury Attorney, today for your free consultation at 816-286-3625.

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