Deciding on the right type of auto insurance is crucial, especially when you use a personal vehicle for work.

Here are the key differences between personal and commercial policies:

  • Personal policies have driver limits. If you have five employees and each uses your car at random times for work, your personal coverage will not work. Commercial insurance is intended for situations in which multiple drivers are operating one or more vehicles. Personal policies are intended for family members only.
  • Use of the vehicle for work-related activity. Using a vehicle for work often can be defined as a commercial automobile. If you are towing for work, delivering pizzas, carrying passengers, or performing other business tasks regularly, personal insurance will not cover you in an accident.
  • Rental vehicles. Business owners may need to rent vehicles on occasion, and a commercial policy often covers your employees as well.

Since commercial auto insurance covers accidents that occur when operating a company vehicle, you cannot make a claim for damages through a personal policy, even if your company is small.

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