Alice Sodjago was two (2) centimeters dilated and in active labor when she was admitted to the hospital. A nurse performed a vaginal exam and noted the presence of heavy meconium. A fetal monitor revealed that the baby was in distress.

At trial, it was not clear from the evidence whether or not the nurse and midwife communicated with each other clearly that the doctor was to be contacted immediately to perform an emergency C-Section. The evidence did show, however, that the doctor was not contacted for thirty (30) minutes and, when he did arrive, that he waited another nineteen (19) minutes before beginning the C-Section.

When baby girl Joanna Sodjago was born, she was under severe stress, was not responsive, and was pale blue in color. Despite many efforts by the neonatal specialist resuscitation team, baby Joanna was diagnosed with a condition whereby the blood vessels from the vital organs of her heart to her lungs did not open adequately enough to provide oxygen to the blood; a condition known as persistent pulmonary hypertension.

As a result of oxygen deprivation, the baby, now 8 years old, suffers from cognitive impairment and cortical blindness.

Sodjago and her husband, individually and on behalf of their 8-year-old daughter, filed a lawsuit against the hospital and the midwife claiming that they chose not to perform a timely emergency Caesarean section delivery, which would have saved the baby and prevented the devastating brain damage caused by the delay in delivery.

After the jury trial, the jury entered a verdict of $3 million finding that the midwife was 60% at fault and the hospital was 40% liable for the negligence of the nurse who chose not to timely call the on-call obstetrician, but did so 20 minutes later, which was too late. Sodjago v. Pediatrix Medical Group of Georgia, No. 12 EV 015750D (Ga. St. Ct. Fulton County, Aug. 28, 2014).

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