Drowsy Driving and Semi-Truck Accidents

Drowsy driving, or lack of sleep, among truck drivers is a serious issue that unfortunately happens all the time. In fact, the US Department of Transportation estimates that up to 28% of truck drivers could have sleep apnea. This is a severe danger, as studies show that sleepiness can impair driving performance as much as, […]

Car Seat Safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2011 more than 650 children aged 12 and younger died as occupants in vehicles. Proper car seat use can drastically reduce the chance of injury for children when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident, but data shows oftentimes even when car seats are installed, they […]

Proving Causation with Kansas City Injury Attorney

After an accident, it is normal to feel soreness. Maybe a person’s back aches a bit, maybe there’s a pain in the neck, or maybe someone just doesn’t feel right. In many cases, a person thinks that a little rest will be good enough. Unfortunately, for some people, the pain only gets progressively worse. If […]

Auto Accidents and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

One can hardly watch the evening news these days without seeing a tragic story (or a public service announcement) regarding a soldier dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A high percentage of terrorist attack victims develop some level of PTSD following the traumatic incident.

Recently, medical experts have begun to see a surprisingly high incidence of […]

Differences between Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance

Deciding on the right type of auto insurance is crucial, especially when you use a personal vehicle for work.

Here are the key differences between personal and commercial policies:

Personal policies have driver limits. If you have five employees and each uses your car at random times for work, your personal coverage will not work. Commercial insurance […]

Ford Motor Company Announced a Recall of 450,000 Midsize Sedans Over Fiery Safety Issues

Ford Motor Company announced a recall of over 450,000 2010 and 2011 model Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan midsize sedans, with over 411,000 of those in the United States, for fuel tanks than can crack and possibly leak fuel that could result in a vehicle fire.

The problem involves a fuel canister purge valve that can […]

Limit on Damages Is Squeezing Victims of Amtrak Wreck

The aftermath of the Amtrak train accident highlights an unfortunate reality with which its victims will have to grapple.
We all remember the devastating Amtrak train accident that took place in Philadelphia on May 12, 2015, killing eight people and injuring over 200. The train was traveling twice the speed limit, at 106 miles per hour, […]

Actor Paul Walker’s Daughter Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Paul Walker’s daughter has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche, alleging that her father would still be alive if the company had installed proper safety features in the car in which he died.

Lawyers for Meadow Walker, 16, claim the Porsche Carrera GT that her father’s friend, Roger Rodas, was driving when they crashed, “lacked […]

More Cases Against Volkswagen On Fuel Efficiency & Emissions

In the suit filed Sept. 18, 2015 – the first filed against VW regarding its use of fraudulent software – an owner of a CleanDiesel Volkswagen accused Volkswagen Group of America of fraudulent concealment, false advertising and violations of federal and state laws. Hagens Berman has filed another lawsuit with clients from more than 20 […]